Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

The Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding is responsible for the courses in (a) Agri Botany & Pant Breeding (b) Genetics and Plant Breeding (c) Elective courses in Plant Breeding (d) Bio-Technology (e) Crop physiology course (f) Environmental Science & Agro-ecology course to B.Sc(Ag) and the Teaching course to Genetics and Plant Breeding to M.Sc(Ag).

In Addition to teaching works, research programmes on local germplasm collection all Nagaland for evaluation and characterization.


Thrust areas:

i) Collection and evaluation of Landraces.germplasm of Nagaland.

ii) Plant Breeding.

iii) Ecology and Environment


Academic activities in the Department:

i) Teaching: Core and Elective courses to B.Sc(Ag) and M.Sc(Ag) students.

ii) Research

a) Extensive data collection involving sample collection along with the interviews to farmers and forest dwellers for ITK information etc.

b) Systematic visits to different types of forest in different Agro-Ecozonal and tribal inhabitant areas for wild edible fruits, vegetables and medicinals & herbaria and photography.

c) Establishment of farm for evaluation selected germplasm, such as Rich bean, Soyabean Rich etc.



Dr. Sapu Changkija

Assoc. Professor & HoD

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Dr. Kigwe Seyie Asst. Professor Ph.D (GU)
Dr. Malini Barthakur Sharma Asst. Professor Ph.D (GU)
Mr. Raktim Rajan Bhagowati Asst. Professor M.Sc (AAU)
Mr. Hanuman P. Chaturvedi Asst. Professor M.Sc (NDU)
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Shah

Asst. Professor

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