Department of Soil & Water Conservation

The Department of Soil Conservation started functioning in 1987 under North Eastern Hill University. However, on the establishment of Nagaland University, the department became an integral part of NU and continued to function under this University since September 6, 1994.

The foundation of sustainable agriculture is a healthy, fertile soil on which depends the entire farm ecosystem. Soil is not just another instrument of crop production like pesticides, fertilizers and tractors. It is a complex, living and fragile medium which must be protected and nurtured to ensure its sustainable productivity. Productive soil is a nation’s prime capital resource, the loss of which can lead to social, economic and political decline.

Limited agricultural and resources are vulnerable to soil erosion and other processes of soil degradation. The consequences of soil degradation are both agronomic and environmental. The conservation of soil resources therefore is necessary for man’s survival. It is the endeavor of the department to produce technically trained manpower needed for the conservation of soil as well as other natural resources of North Eastern region in particular and country in general.


The main objectives of the department are:

i) To train students in theory and practical aspects of soil and water conservation.

ii) To investigate various issues pertaining to soil and water conservation and develop area specific technology and

iii) To promote and transfer technology to the cultivators. The department offers all the major courses required for M.Sc(Agri) soil conservation programme.


Thrust area of Research:

i) Long term soil fertility management of terraced land

ii) Area specific soil conservation strategies and issues

iii) Sustainable agriculture

iv) Shifting cultivation

a) Soil erosion and productivity.


Faculty Profile:




Prof. B.S. Chauhan Professor Ph.D (Sask, Canada)
Prof. R.C. Nayak


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Ph.D (IIT, Kharagpur)


Mr. Manoj Dutta

Asst. Professor

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M.Sc (AAU, Jorhat), Ph.D


Mr. Sewak Ram Asst. Professor M.Sc (NU)